Here are what some of Lisa's clients have to say:

When I first came for therapy, I was using emotional eating to deal with my stress. It was such a vicious circle. The higher my stress and anxiety, the more I would eat. And then I would feel even worse about myself. Therapy with Lisa taught me some great tools to help me feel calmer and more centred. This sense of peace and freedom from anxiety has helped me to make healthier decisions. Regular overeating was a way of hating and hurting myself. I feel too confident in myself to do this any longer. I also feel a renewed feeling of passion for life again.

I felt so shaken up before I began counselling. Even small stressors would make me feel overwhelmed. My life began to shrivel up as I began to let go of many friends and different interests. I just did not have the energy for too much. Therapy with Lisa helped me to deal with some of the feelings and memories that seemed to be robbing me of my happiness. I highly recommend counselling with Lisa.

In general, I am a happy easy-going person. I usually just breeze through things. However, after my mom died, I didn't even recognize myself. Even 8 months after her death, I was still feeling unbearably tormented by grief. Counselling with Lisa helped me to work through and to eventually let go of some of these overwhelming feelings. I finally feel like I'm back to my old self again.

Before I went to counselling with Lisa I felt so hopeless about my life. My depression was unbearable. I could hardly get out of my bed in the morning. I ignored my phone and soon it didn't even ring anyway. I went to counselling in the past. I would then feel a bit better and then slip into the same patterns. Lisa seemed to have a more thorough approach to therapy though. I learned a lot of helpful stress management tools that are easy to implement into my life. And the therapy focused on a lot of issues that seemed to be holding me back. We also made a pretty concrete plan about how to move my life forward. I feel like I have a pretty fantastic life now. And I'm also more confident about my ability to handle future curve balls.